EMTs develops industrial computers in various fields.

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  • H Company: Developed CAR-DLS Ver 1.0 for vehicle reliability test diagnosis (EFPC-4000-CARDLS)(Monitoring from the ECU booting stage, remote booting function within 1Km, etc.)
  • Developed 10.4” LCD integrated PC for dental equipment (EFPC-4000-T104)
  • “Development of Autonomous Driving Computer Mainboard” technically transferred for civil use by ETRI
  • Developed a 12.1” Pannel PC, a monorail on-board monitoring computer
  • Developed a main board for national defence (XXXXXXXXXXXXX)
  • Developed an Intel ApolloLake Platform Main Board (EMP-7000)
  • Developed an Intel ApolloLacke N4200 based Audio Server Board


  • Developed an Autonomous Driving Computer of ETRI, ESDC-2017
  • Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI): Developed PCIe 128 Optical Network (2nd stage)
  • Developed mainboards for 3D printer and CNC control, ISA BUS Support (EMP-7300)
  • Patent for “Multipurpose PCIe Card and Method for Expanding Multipurpose PCIe Card” together with KISTI
  • Developed a PC for subway on-board destination guide, 4 X DVI Output Box PC
  • Developed a 17” Panel PC for tunnel monitoring and fire watch


  • Developed an Autonomous Driving Computer of ETRI, AMD Merlin Falcon APU ESDC-2016
  • Developed a ship’s ballast control marine computer system for Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) and obtained a classification certificate from DNV-GL (Norway, Germany), a world leading classification society.
  • Developed a mainboard for high-speed, high-capacity printer control (FPGA On-Board)
  • Developed a crossroad traffic lights control mainboard for Philippine customer.
  • Developed a subway on-board 16-Channel NVR and obtained its railroad certificate.
  • Developed a COM On Module Carrier Board for H company’s marine computer


  • Developed a 1.28Tera/bps level very high speed switching board for KISTI.
  • Developed a PCIe Optical Network Card for KITSI.
  • Started to develop a SMCU-2000B-IP55 version of ship’s ballast control marine computer for Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI).
  • Developed an Intel ATOM Braswell N3710 Main Board
  • Developed an Intel QM77 mainboard for LCD panel inspection (PSE Support, 4 x Giga LAN)
  • Developed a Qualcomm IPQ8064 wireless security board
  • Developed a MICOM PMU for PC automatic booting control


  • Deveoped an Intel Xeon Dual CPU supported Server Board
  • Developed an Intel ATOM N2600 based Main Board for wireless security (4 x WiFi Support)


  • Developed an Intel ATOM N2600 based Main Board (EMP-3100)
  • Developed an AMD eKabini Main Board (EMP-6000)
  • Developed an EFPC-6000 Fanless Box PC (4 x DP Port Support)
  • Developed a Main Board for Eye Examination


  • Developed an AMD e-Ontario Main Board (EMP-2000)
  • Developed an EFPC-2000 Fanless Box PC
  • Developed a 33mm Super-slim Fanless Computer for LG Display 46” DID
  • Developed a Wireless WiFi monitoring Security Main Board (AMD G-T56N), 4x WiFi Support
  • Developed an Intel ATOM QueensBay Main Board


  • Developed an Intel ATOM N270 based Wireless AP Monitoring Board
  • Supplied AMD 780E Main Board for DID 1,000 Sites of subway station building
  • Developed an Intel ATOM N270 LGOTIS Elevator Control Main Board
  • Obtained the certification of SMCU-1000B IP44 by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI)


  • Developed a next generation CNC Control Board (VIA VX855 based ISA BUS Support)
  • Developed and Supplied 17” Panel for subway bicycles and unmanned locker
  • Developed an AMD LX800 Main Board for industrial inkjet printers
  • Deveoloped and Supplied 8 Port USB to Serial Board for computer terminals of the National Railroad Administration
  • Developed a Board for Intel ATOM N270 based mobile vehicle diagnostor
  • Developed and Mass-produce SMCU-1000B, the marine computer of SHI


  • Developed and Mass-produce the AMD LX800 Main Board for Blood Analyzer of Medical Equipment (RAON-3421)
  • Developed and Mass-produce the AMD LX800 Main Board for Laser Treatment Machine
  • Developed and Mass-produce the optical transmission and Bluetooth converters in the subways and national railroads (Line #9 and Daegu Subway)
  • Developed an Intel ATOM N270 Main Board (RAON-6000)


  • Started the localization development of SMCU-1000, Special marine computer for SHI
  • Developed USN-CUBE, an Intelligent Control Board for Street Lights and Security Monitoring
  • Developed an AMD 780E+S1 Socket Industrial Main Board


  • Renamed to EMTs and incorporated as a company
  • Developed an Intel 625GME based 16-Channel All In One DVR Board


  • Deveoped an AMD LX800 based 4 Channel All In One DVR Board
  • Developed Penta Micro Board + Magic Eye Board


  • Developed an AMD LX800 500MHz Main Board
  • Developed a Main Board for IMAZU Home Network of Hyundai Telecommunication


  • BoardWin was established.